5 Things Indian Men Should Learn From Virat Kohli

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World T20 2016 Man of the tournament. Man of Team India throughout the series. Man on half-century not raising his bat till he did the job for his team against Australia. Man who stands for his ex-girlfriend and a Man to a mother whom he reaches out when things go wrong.

Virat Kohli.

Someone who seems to be ruling everyone’s mind these days and it’s the best time to actually ponder over what he’s made of. Probably of the same atoms every Indian man is but the physics of it seem to differ somewhere.

There’s much more to the Indian cricket team’s Vice Captain than the following five virtues but these are majorly what make Virat Kohli extremely desirable.

Hotness Is Mind

Let’s get this very clear boys, Virat Kohli isn’t just about looks. Yes he’s hot by his appearance of course. Those symbolic eyes of a Leo and passion oozing out of his face are attractive as hell but what makes him hotter is his focused mind. Be it chasing for Team India or chasing off hecklers of Anushka Sharma, he has been an absolute gentleman in both professional and personal life.


Did you see that mad running between the wickets with MS Dhoni during the World T20? It looked as if he’s running for his life and it was only possible due to one reason – top fitness. Fitness of mind, body and soul is extremely important for any human being to win and succeed in life. It all starts from your body. If you fail to keep it healthy and fit, you will never be able to do what you want to do in life even if you are born billionaire. Take a cue from Anant Ambani. A fit body means you are serious about your existence and being the best version of yourself.


A committed man is committed not in just one sphere of his life but everything he does. Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Jobs, Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and many more – you name it and they have it in them. These men have been exceptional achievers in their fields and yet made time to be great family men.

Be it the sight of Virat Kohli leading Team India to victories or holding Anushka Sharma’s hand while coming out of the airport, he has been visibly committed in life. The Anushka-airport moment was wow, really and depicts how sensitive a man he’s shaping up to be. A real man will always take pride in his woman and will not be afraid to show it to the world as he’s truly committed deep inside. Commitment and care is so damn sexy.

Risk-Taking Appetite

When he held the fort against Australia in World T20 & snatched the win from the jaws of defeat, Virat Kohli was in no mood to give in to the fear of losing the match. He gave everything to win it for his needy team and is ballsy to go for the kill even if it involves the risk of defeat. It’s much like life. Most of the Indian men play safe in their lives by securing a job and living a 9-5 life. But if you have never tried the other side of the game how will you know what it tastes like. What if you come out as a winner of that one risky decision you’ve been avoiding all your life.

Moreover, when it comes to love, some men are only gutsy to the level they are not losing their comfort and everything goes out of the window for them when it comes to taking a stand for their love. They’d rather live a simple life than take risk of loving and losing. Virat Kohli is your answer, dear stuck men.

Quest for Best

Settling for mediocre and average doesn’t feel like Virat Kohli’s cup of tea. He’s out there to be the best and give the best and in turn he deserves the best because the man has worked to reach a level where anything less than best won’t do for him.

Indian men have a serious homework to do on this one. Be it personal or professional domain, they need to buck up and stop delivering just as much as things will be in their favour. Women prefer men who are achievers and who are relentlessly working to become the best. And anyway why be the best for women or for the sake of someone else? What happened to your own identity? One life! Why not live & be the best?!

Well, move over all this for a while and go back to that moment Kohli came to bowl against West Indies in World T20 semi-final and snapped the crucial wicket of Johnson Charles off his first ball, most unexpectedly so, and went on to push himself to bowl the last over under such immense pressure, it only made us go –


We did lose the chance to be one step closer to the WT20 2016 trophy but India won a man it is going to look up to in the times to come.

I mean, he’s one of the hottest Indian men around these days. Sigh.

C’mon dear Indian men, you are sexy and you know it and we really have high expectations from you 😉


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5 Things Indian Men Should Learn From Virat Kohli