Hari Krishna Devsare Baalsahitya Award 2016 Announced

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Dr.Hari Krishna Devsare – one of the foremost writers of Hindi Children’s Literature devoted his entire life in creating meaningful children’s literature in Hindi. His vision was to create & encourage, modern literature with scientific outlook for children that would not only fuel their imagination & creativity but would also prepare them to face the challenges of their future.

In order to accomplish this vision & to carry forward his legacy; his family, supporters & friends established Hari Krishna Devsare Children’s Literature Trust. For the last 3 years, through a series of activities including workshops/contests/seminars, the Trust has been relentlessly working to achieve this mission so that the creators of Children’s Literature can be motivated to create literature that would inspire children to face challenges of the future while imbibing the social & cultural values of past & present.

As its major initiative, Trust conducts a contest inviting creators of Hindi Children’s Literature in India & abroad to send such of their original artistry to the Trust, which is suffused with scientific thought, originality & vivid imagination. Creations that would capture a child’s mind & grasp his attention. This contest was publicized extensively using various means like advertisements in leading children’s magazines, radio, newspaper articles & most interestingly using digital media including facebook, Youtube & website – www.bachchaa.com

A lot of special initiatives were taken & the response in terms of the entries received was decent. The entries were further shortlisted & a very eminent & senior jury was appointed including:

1.    Shri Prayag Shukla, Senior Poet, Writer & Critic. Editor of the Hindi journal of the National School of Drama, Rang Prasang.
2.   Shri Gangesh Gunjan, Vice President, Sulabh Sahitya Akademi, Winner of Sahitya Akademi Award
3.   Shrimati Kshama Sharma, Eminent Children’s Literature Writer & Editor.

Trust’s Executive Committee reviewed the decisions & the evaluation provided by the jury for the shortlisted entries.

After a careful evaluation, it was decided that this year the Third Hari Krishna Devsare Children’s Literature Award 2016 will be shared between two authors –

Shri Pankaj Chaturvedi for his book “Belagaam Ghoda Va Anya Kahaniyan” and Dr. Pradeep Shukla for his book “Gullu Ka Gaon”.

As a part of the award, the winners will be given individual citations and will equally share the total prize money of Rs.75,000 i.e. Rs.37,500 each.

Hari Krishna Devsare Children’s Literature Trust’s executive committee comprises of eminent writers, social activists & professionals associated with the cause of promoting Children’s Literature in India. They are: Shri Baalswaroop Rahi, Dr.Madhu Pant, Dr.Vimleshkanti Verma, Shri Devendra Mewari & Shri Manasranjan Mahapatra.

These honorable members have unanimously decided that the Trust will also extend citations to those eminent personalities who have dedicated their entire life to the cause of Children’s Literature in India. Trust believes that it itself is getting honored while honoring such dignitaries. For the year 2016 the recipients of the Hari Krishna Devsare Children’s Literature Citations are:

1.    Shri Balak Ram Nagar
2.    Shrimati Shanti Aggarwal

Shrimati Vibha Devsare, President of the Hari Krishna Devsare Children’s Literature Trust said on this occasion “Our heartfelt thanks to all those associated with the Trust directly & indirectly. We would like to request all established as well as upcoming littérateurs to show their commitment to Indian Children’s Literature by getting associated & participating in the initiatives of the Trust thru our website www.bachchaa.com.”


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