Its The Time I Say It…

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Here’s a story. Yes it is indeed one. Let me start with a caliche – I always wanted to be a TV anchor, from the time I didn’t know that thing in me was called a dream. You sort of have it in your eyes, soul, brain, body alike…and you just don’t see anything beyond it. You don’t want it to be compared with any other better thing in the world because its your dream. And even if a dream means picking up rags from the roads, it still is a dream. No questions asked, no answers ever given. Unreasonable, pure & life-like.

I was told that I have a Punjabi accent to my English. I was told it isn’t easy to come down from 85 kilos. And I was also told even when I had over 3 years of media experience, if I were to join television I have to become a trainee again since I came from online background. Huh! I listened to everything and kept it burning in me day and night. I refused to budge. I refused to accept the worldly ways because I knew I could create my own. And when you choose to build your own path, the price is always higher.

By the time I was inching closer to joining television, I had lost the count of the times I was down and out in my efforts to see myself there. Nothing seemed to be right, I had no light in my sight. Time was running away in my mind then, I felt I was doing nothing for my parents too. I decided to let go. Can’t believe I had almost turned my back. But yes, only to have come back again. I was ready to give a break to all the running around and countless clicks. And as I started to walk away, what followed was nothing less than a miracle for me. And like a 70mm movie scene where the protagonist gets that one call and life changes… believe me, it happened exactly the same for me. I couldn’t believe my ears. In fact, my heart listened more. Guess by now I had fed will and hope to the universe enough and almost forgot that I had been so stubborn to move the entire physics & chemistry of it.

What makes me more happy is that I had it my way. I have never interned in any organization ever. I never had to compromise on any situation to be where I am today. In fact, I left one of the biggest media brands to join a two-room office just for 3 months because the name wasn’t doing any good to me, I wanted to live my own way. My thinking, imagination and self-assurance only became stronger.

And one person watched the entire show up and close. Bhai. I can’t imagine how it must have been for him. Never asked. All I know is, the kind of faith he instilled in me has been phenomenal. The times I told him, bhai I’m tired of everything, he pulled me back again and again just to make me see this day. And even today when I speak to him, he always says he’s more sure of my capabilities than I’m for myself. God! Some feelings… are better not said.

My father wanted me to become an I.A.S officer. My mother wanted me to be an Air Hostess. I felt bad. I thought I have failed in their eyes. Never did I know, I will see a moment in my life when the same eyes would see me on television and feel proud. The same eyes would wait for me to come back home from my first ever LIVE show and say it all. They welcomed me like I was coming home for the first time. I don’t have ‘it’ to say beyond…..

And today before I say it… the words you live for to say some day in your life… I am filled with endless emotions. Happy, touched, thankful, nostalgic and what not….

It’s A Dream Come True.


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