So, Who’s The Rapist?

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Yes its about the girl. Hmm, the same one. More so, its about the episode that has left me disheartened, retractive and thinking….

Last two weeks have been quite disturbing. She wasn’t sexually assaulted once, but every single time she was talked about, the assault was even bigger. She became the topic of the nation. Quite unexpectedly so. They say, it takes one moment for life to change. For her, that one moment transformed into many unstoppable ones. She just had no control. While I am making a deliberate attempt not to recall or imagine what she must have gone through that horrendous night, but only in vain. When hurt, a broken bone or even a bruise becomes the center of our world, imagining her plight gives me chills down my spine.

Since it was the Capital city, the hype was well-deserved. While the case also seemed “rarest of the rare” plus the public took it to the roads, so a 24X7 coverage, deployment of police, turning the city into fortress – all looked justifiable. To each his own. A perfect VIP treatment! So those who are sexually assaulted and do not get such attention, please consider yourself guilty of not falling under “rarest of rare” VIP category. And if you are not from any of the metropolitan city, even worse, you are in the queue that God knows starts from where and ends where…

I remember coming out on streets at the time of Anna. The experience was intense. I distinctly remember the feeling – it was first-of-its-kind. Never did I saw such amount of people in Delhi on a mission. I have heard it all started with Jessica Lal case. The peaceful candle-light march became synonymous. We did it at the time of Anna too. The feeling of not knowing the person walking next to you yet finding him familiar is the most humane emotion in such processions. No strangers, no friends….

But what next? What happened to loud noises against corruption, huge rallies and endless tweets? I am still searching for an answer. And may be that’s the reason that kept me away from the streets this time around. The feeling just didn’t sink in. I couldn’t help but ignore the first day of the protest against Delhi rape case. It sounded dramatic and flimsy. But what followed was beyond my imagination.

As days went by, people looked more stronger to me than they ever did and news channels went bonkers cashing in on. The footages looked like 70mm stuff showcasing diverse heroism. Thankfully, it didn’t get on to me like it does to most of the people sitting home, relying on these shitty informers. Being a non-news person has its own advantages. You don’t have to go through the bouquet of shops on television available with the most varied menus. You don’t have to select which shop you are going to buy news from untill you have a specific choice in colours. Oh! try the blue and red one, it would spellbound you with the way it throws offers or may be you can go for the all-new white with a pinch of red, the sellers here come with a hefty experience tag, you won’t be disappointed! And if you are generous enough, give the newcomers a chance, they too leave no stone unturned to catch just one glimpse of yours while you sift through the biggies…

Expectedly, the much-blamed Govt is only adding on to the people’s woes. What’s the kind of fancy to stop people from going to India Gate? Can’t we protest from anywhere else in the world? Can’t we do it in our hearts, minds and souls….Metro stations shut down! Yes your message has come across loud and clear. You are nothing but a bunch of cowards sitting at the helm, good for nothing. Thank you!

News as we call it, kept on rolling in from everywhere. While my mother updated me daily, a doctor friend at RML gave me a first hand account of treating the constable who couldn’t survive. People around me had never-ending opinions and non-stop commentary on how the girl was raped to why police needn’t be blamed. I kept quiet but deep in my heart, the voice was deafening…

Yes, she has finally died but death came to her much before. May be when she had to come to terms with what had happened to her. May be when she saw her helpless parents with the same eyes she saw those five men. And may be when she saw her dreams dying with each passing day….

So, who’s the rapist? The five men? Factually, yes, and they will either be hung or get a lifer and its the end of the great Delhi rape case. But consciously, its a no. The act of assault on Indian woman is fueled in the society right from the day she’s born. She grows up to a constant pester of not going out at night, not wearing short clothes, not talking to strangers and not having more male friends than female ones. Its an inevitable, unstated tradition. If they are the potential victims, then why isn’t the potential harasser – the man – educated in first place how not to disrespect a woman in the same fashion?!!!

Spread awareness. Better the upbringing of the male child. Legalize sex workers. For God’s sake, stop being hypocritical, everyone wants it but few say it. Spread love not lust. Be human.

So, who’s the rapist? I think, the answer lies deep buried in our souls.


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So, Who’s The Rapist?