9 Eye-Popping Details Say Vijay Deverakonda Is A Real Man Crush Make

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He’s handsome, he’s hot and a phenomenon to have hit Southern India’s Telugu Film Industry.

But, make no mistake. There’s something about Vijay Deverakonda that makes him come across as different and genuine.

Evidently, The ‘Arjun Reddy’ star’s masculine persona sets him apart from the rest of the run-of-the-mill, chocolatey actors that usually don’t come across as naturally beautiful man like he does. He has a subtle charm on his face that’s not just enough to make his female fans an easy prey but it also, somewhere, hides his journey of life, to stardom without a Godfather.

Hailing from a humble background, Deverakonda was born to Govardhan & Madhavi Rao. His father was a TV serial director, a profession he did not pursue for long while Vijay’s mother is a softs skills tutor. He struggled for acceptance and appreciation from the audience in his initial career but year 2015 proved to be a turning point for his craft after ‘Pelli Choopulu’ struck commercial success.

Today, Vijay Deverakonda is one of the highest paid actors of Tollywood. And, it goes without saying that ‘Devera’ (as he popularly calls himself) is blessed with good looks, good looks, and, GOOD LOOKS!

But, wait. There’s more to this South Indian hottie that makes him truly a wholesome real-man package –

He’s Natural

It’s good to be metrosexual but it’s even better to be mansexual. I know there’s no term like that but hey, there can be one inspired by Vijay Deverakonda.

Often we see actors indulge in all sorts of fancy experiments to do up their looks and most common of it all is shaving the chest.

A real man looks hot the way he is. If he’s hot, his hotness will show up without him having to do anything about it. Deverakonda has set the right benchmark for all the men out there who are constantly up for doing things to come across as sexy.

His pictures are a proof that he hasn’t shaved his chest and it is said, “Never trust a man who shaves his chest.” Clearly, Deverakonda knows the basics of a rugged, macho man who’s most attractive in his own skin.

He Loves

A real man loves and loves hard. He’s not afraid of it. Skipping the rumour mill and till the time we know who’s his love interest really, let’s focus on his other loves of life.

Whether it comes to Deverakonda’s family, dogs, his team of ‘Rowdies’ (another popular term he uses to address his tribe), he loves them to the bits.

His dog ‘Storm’ often makes appearances on his social media pages and, their bonding is a delight to watch.

Vijay also makes sure he posts important family moments publicly – whether it’s moving to their new house, his mother’s birthday or the four coming together on Diwali.

He Cooks

Have you seen the video where Vijay is cooking for his family in the lockdown? Now, men really need to be told that they appear and are actually, really hot when they toss up a supper in the kitchen and hotter when they are accompanied by their women who has placed all faith in them to succeed with flying flavours.

I am, of course, not stating the obvious that happens next.

He Cleans

Majority of people in Indian society never teach household chores to their boys, simply because it’s considered as girls’ area of expertise. So if a man, when seen doing these small little somethings at home, is often perceived as desirable, going by the demand & supply thumb rule.

Vijay Deverakonda cleans his room. In the same video as above, he is seen doing up his bed and changing the bin cover. And, he has no qualms in showing it upfront too, for other boys to learn it his way. It is quite appreciable that he uses his social media reach in millions to spread the right message to his male fan-following.

Sigh! Does Vijay realize what he does to his female fan-following while doing so…

He Gives

The Tollywood star has floated a non-profit organization – The Deverakonda Foundation – to help and support the needy. He set up this initiative in 2019 and soon put it to work during COVID-19 pandemic. By far, he has raised crores of rupees to help middle-class families survive the deep crisis. He had also supported Kerala by starting off a fundraiser with his contribution of Rs 5 lakhs.

And, then there are sweet little attempts like these that scream aloud how Vijay Deverakonda is a man with a difference.

A man who gives is a man who truly cares.

He’s Rooted

Vijay has mentioned several times through his social media posts that how fortunate he is to have come far in life and achieve the unimaginable success. After seeing years of downfall and no bank balance at the age of 25, he credits his hard work and persistence for cracking the celeb code and making it to Forbes.

If you notice, there’s a personal touch in the way he addresses his fans, who he lovingly calls as ‘rowdies’. He gets clicked with them often and goes out on streets of Hyderabad to meet and greet his fans – something celebrities usually avoid. He has no walls of fame whatsoever.

Deverakonda has no shame in showing that he, along with his loved ones, sit down on the floor for the family time. It, in a way, shows how he take pride in his roots and won’t hide them just because he’s a popular public figure.

He’s “Awkward At Parties”

In a recent online conversation with celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani, Vijay Deverakonda said that he’s a shy guy and feels “awkward at parties”.

Remember, he’s a famous actor and has access to all closed-door events of his industry, yet, he chooses to stay away from them. In a way, it signifies that he’s a self-assured man who doesn’t want to be seen at important gatherings to be known or acknowledged. It’s an absolute badass trait of a man who seeks no assurance from others, lives life his way and believes he’ll triumph, nevertheless.

He’s A Leader

How many people Vijay Deverakona follows on social media? Zero.

The mesmerizing man trusts his own abilities to the extent he doesn’t have to either follow anyone to keep a check on what is he missing out on or please a set of influencers of his industry. He’s walking a tall, lone walk online in an era of evident ‘you scratch my back, I scratch your back’ syndrome.

He’s fierce and someone who listens to his heart.

He’s Real

This one can’t be explained, I believe. It can only be felt.

Having spent enough time in media industry, I can tell you this that when you usually see and hear celebrities, they tend to be following a clear PR strategy for their public image. They know what exactly they want to talk about and what they don’t want to talk about. Sometimes, media persons are given clear instructions on keeping the conversation limited to a certain acceptable topic that the celebrity wants to talk about.

Of all the videos I have watched of Vijay, I did not find any plastic appearance, especially through his own phone camera. However little he may post, but, he comes across as real when talks about his work, family, dog, addresses his fans and that smiles seals it – it goes to his eyes and set them alight with child-like glow.

Boys, he’s really the ‘rowdy’ you need to follow in your lives.

And, girls, he’s truly “your man” with “full love”.

Featured pic credits: Vijay Deverakonda Instagram


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  • Pallavi
    June 17, 2021

    Beautifully written and i am sure lot of hard work gone in researching and then articulating the same ..all the best for future endeavours 🤗👏👏👏

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9 Eye-Popping Details Say Vijay Deverakonda Is A Real Man Crush Make