How I Once Took A Woman’s Abuse & Turned It Into Self-Dependence

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Of all the DIYs coronavirus forced upon us, while seeing the positive side, I am happy we’ve been able to learn so much that we wouldn’t have otherwise, my learning of property tax filing has been on a different note.

My parents always gave it to a local guy who filed property tax on their behalf. He charged a nominal amount and did the job. He does it for everyone in the locality.

Last year, I stopped taking his help.

I used to feed a dog on my way that dwelled nearby his house. His mother once came on me for doing so, of course for no valid reason (I still can’t believe people have a problem with feeding hungry souls).

Today, when my mother said I should take his help because there’s some discrepancy, I denied.

I WILL NOT no matter what.

When his mother yelled & abused me, he stood there like a f*cking statue.

Reason why I learnt it on my own, went to the property tax office myself, stood their in queues amid the corona crazy and got the work done.

There’s nothing in this world that you cannot do on your own or no way God won’t send people or power to your rescue if you’re stuck.

Because I have come to believe there’s something like ‘Truth God’ too.

He stays inside you, fires you up, watches you & takes you places.

That feeling inside you when you know you are right & uncompromising – that’s him living inside you.

We are often afraid to listen to him and never been taught to recognize him.

Learn to listen to the ‘Truth God’. And, he will listen you back.


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How I Once Took A Woman’s Abuse & Turned It Into Self-Dependence