How I Defeated Disease, Depression And Turned My Life Around

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Happiness is like a puzzle whose pieces are inside us. But, there’s an unsaid rule of life to finding them. And, there’s no way you cannot solve it.

The rule is simple: start looking for them. It is important to begin somewhere, get up and claim your share in this big limitless universe full of surprises and possibilities.

I, too, learnt this rule when life decided to not let me have it easy.

I was always on the heavier side, rather, it’s completely okay if one called me fat but my decent height saved me from that inglorious tag. My overall look, features were also the reasons why I never attempted to break the comfort zone.

It was the year 2008, when I suffered from Jaundice, lost weight and gained in multiples, eventually. Later, I was diagnosed with life-threatening pancreatitis. It was also the time when I was down and out, in depression, struggling through a major heartbreak. I was choking my own self and losing sense of my being slowly and steadily. And, it was even more terrible to sustain work and a career in its nascent stage.

But (like they show in movies) something struck me and I picked myself up and decided to deal with the damage, one day at a time. It is painful to recall as I write this.

It was about time I took charge of my body, mind and soul. I knew I was in for a lot of effort as workout, shaking up the spiritual self were new and unimaginable for me but I didn’t give up.

I learnt Reiki (Japanese technique for stress reduction) and helped myself heal out of depression. From mind to body, soon fitness became a way of life. I started to go to gym regularly. Workouts brought a new sense of life and rejuvenation in me. I started to feel alive. What started as a weight-loss regime soon became an inevitable part of my life.

I have had my seniors, bosses taunting me for strict fitness schedules but I never cared. I never skipped my group fitness classes come what may and people were, at times, critical of it. But, how does it matter when you know what you’re achieving out of your right decisions? The only voice one should listen to is of the inner self. I knew where I was headed.

There was a time I used to hate running and in fact, I couldn’t run for even a mile. I conquered my dislike for it as well. I am very proud to share that I have run five half marathons and received medals and certificates for them. I went on to train for zumba as well. I learnt mediation and never let my love for sports die. I was a table tennis and badminton champion in college and I continue to play.

Of blood, sweat and soul of mettle: My 5 Half-Marathon medals!

Zumba, body balance (a mix of tai chi, pilates and yoga), body pump (weights), body combat (mixed martial arts), and spinning (rhythmic cycling) are some of my favourite group fitness classes and I highly recommend them.

My efforts re-shaped my personality and gave a new meaning to my life. Weight loss proved to be a by-product of a fitness regime I never gave up on. It is now an integral part of my life.

Though fitness is perceived as a weight loss regime by most people, the real meaning is not just to have a toned body but also a peaceful mind, soul and live a free, fit life!

Physical and mental fitness these days are also dependent on one’s relationship with technology. Taming the tech is an urgent necessity and building a healthy bond with your own self should be of prime importance.

Here are my rituals:

  • Switch off the phone, I do not take it to bed and make sure it is kept far away
  • Thank mother earth as I step out of bed in the morning and be grateful to the universe for having bestowed this beautiful life
  • Say affirmations like: “Every day in every way I’m getting better & better”, “May God bless us all.”
  • Drink hot water with organic honey
  • Wash eyes with clean water
  • Avoid taking phone to the washroom
  • Early morning running and greeting nature with open arms
  • Be naturally kind towards animals

I have also categorically turned off notifications for social media, Whatsapp on my phone because the non-stop buzz, in a way, hijacks your time and demands for constant attention that you must have a control on.

Commit to your own self, nurture your being and love yourself first and always. You will see a sea of change in you, from you and your magnetic aura will envelope those around you too.

Turn around your life. Now. Don’t just survive. Thrive.

Leaving you with these beautiful lines by Rumi –

Article originally written and featured in Thrive Global India.


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How I Defeated Disease, Depression And Turned My Life Around