Earn Your Emotional Freedom

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We all agree to the fact that life isn’t fair all times. There are moments when helplessness seeps into our daily lives and we aren’t left with many options but to accept the circumstances. There are some who give into the fear of things appearing to remain unchanged while there are those who rise up and fight.

The decision to walk on either of the paths depends entirely on the immediate help available from the outside world. Self-help is even better for you to take charge of YOU and lead yourself out of any situation that’s not letting your original, normal self be.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, popularly known as EFT, is one such route that you can take.

EFT is clinically proven to eliminate stress, anxiety, tension and past negativity to create health, happiness and vitality. It combines tapping on energy meridians with saying statements out loud that release emotional issues and physical pain.

Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri, Founder, Vitality Living College, is one of the practitioners and trainers of EFT. She has been pursuing it since 2009.

“Stress is known is be at the root cause of 85% illness and by having a technique to lower stress, it can enable health. In addition everyone has a story about a past negative experience – by clearing the negativity, it allows for happiness at home and greater performance at work”, says Choudhuri.

The idea of taking up a course in EFT came to Choudhuri when she herself was undergoing severe headaches and migraine. “I found out about the technique through my sister and mother and after my first experience, my headache went in one sitting, I then proceeded to learn the techniques myself and have been migraine free since then”, she shares.

It wasn’t just about curing migraine for her. She went on to cure her reproductive system as well after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian disease.

“I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian disease where my reproductive system had stopped working as well as thyroid. After using alternate therapy on myself where I released past negative emotions, forgave and accepted things as they were, both conditions reversed”, she told GW.

Today, after having learnt EFT from UK and USA, she’s the only internationally certified master trainer in India and has taught over 1,000 people who now practice EFT and promote it further. Other than India, she has conducted EFT classes in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, Middle East, UK & USA as well.

The initial level of EFT learning is a three-day program where you learn how to overcome stress, anxiety and past negativity. The second level of learning is Advanced Practitioner that allows you to work with more complex issues and finally there’s a level to become an EFT Trainer.

“Ideally it can be learnt by healers, coaches, trainers, consultants who want to help others heal, grow and transform from the inside out as well as mothers who want to help their children, employees and business owners who want to kickstart performance and those who want to overcome emotional and physical issues”, she believes.

She also claims of the fact that in clinical trials, 91% of severe stress (PTSD – post traumatic stress) symptoms are gone after six weekly sessions of an hour each.

Here’s a link if you wish to know more- www.vitalitylivingcollege.info

Disclaimer: I am only putting forth information or making you aware of anything that may be of help. The article & website, in no way, endorses, represents or is a witness of any such methodology.


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Earn Your Emotional Freedom