What’s Your Ultimate Dream? I Have Found Mine! It Is Yours Too

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We always start our lives by giving it a target. A dream. But, have we ever given our life a chance to tell us what it has for us? Have we ever sat down still and let life take over? I don’t know about you, but I realize, whatever I have been blessed with today, it is because my life wanted it for me. Not that I didn’t want it at all but I thought I knew more. I thought only I know how to make things happen. I might have even ended up screwing it, but my life was more emotionally intelligent than me. I am most thankful to my life for my personal relationships, for having disagreed with me and beaten me down. I always say I have ended up with things that I wanted unknowingly. What can be more amazing..I have no answer, neither do I seek one nor will I find one.

So, as my life as taken over me (its been quite some time now), it is already being very demanding and I am just nodding away now (First demand was to get out of a job). It wants me to do things that I always wanted to do but couldn’t as I (thought) was stuck in my jobs and other worldly to-dos (you only think you are stuck, that is in your mind and then you find yourself actually stuck when you check your pocket ;))

To begin with, I am going to do the most caliched thing any living being has ever done. Travel and see places. (Wow, my life really knows how to build up the excitement… ;P) Listen, if I tell you the list of things I haven’t done till now, you will disown me. Let me tell you one of the best of the worst miss-outs – I haven’t seen Taj Mahal 😀 *hides face* (hoping all of you will still read on…lol!)

I may or may not be able to visit all these places but am making sure that I write it down. It gives me energy and a sense of accomplishment in giving shape to the things that always wandered in my mind for so long. (This statement also works as a disclaimer lol!)

So!! Have decided to check out some of the places I have been to and some that my bucket list refuses to keep anymore ;P Goa (been there once), Pondicherry, Andamans, Hrishikesh, Singapore (been there thrice or maybe more, thanks to mom dad), Ladakh and any one adventure journey that I would choose as and when I find time for it. And to mark an auspicious beginning in putting a small tick mark before these destinations and breathe poise, I am going to Harminder Sahib (Golden Temple), Amritsar tomorrow. Will fly there and be back before the voting timings are up. Can’t believe I’m going to end this journey within 8 hours just to press ‘NOTA’ 😀 (OMG I am acting like a responsible citizen, c’mon give it to me I am responsible enough to be coming back only to vote 🙂 and hey, I still don’t have Taj Mahal in my list…kill me!…heh..)

My bucket list, but of course, has loads of other to-dos – known and unknown. (Its funny how I/we call it known despite ‘it’ being ‘unknown’ until happens :)) I will add lots as I live on and rest will be added by itself 🙂 This is just a teeny-weeny wishlist out of that BIG basket of treasure. (Yes I know its a treasure. I am an undying seeker of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ;P)

Having achieved two of my “dreams” (car with own money & becoming an anchor), the urge to call dreams, ‘dreams’ has lost its sheen somewhere. Its not that I am done with it – noway. They just don’t seem to be belonging to that ‘category’ any more. I mean, I have just stopped giving importance to that over-the-top passion, madness, go-get-it sweat trickling down the neck for something that I termed as my dream and makes me strive. I don’t want to strive for something that’s in the hands of other human beings. They are just a source. Some are kind, some are not. Some are good souls, some are still discovering. And hey, not that the aggression has gone missing, it has just got channelized. I want to live. Live what God has written for me. I’d only put my plea and rest shall be done… if it is meant for me, I would not have to yearn for it. It will be mine in the most unexpected way… not that I would just sit doing nothing and it will fall in my laps…I am going to walk, not run… (unless its a Marathon..heeh..)

I always thought dreams rule. They are why you are alive. With time, my definition has just got better. You, the soul, the life, are a dream in itself. Living it up means it’s one dream that will never end even when realized… reach out, rather, reach within sometime, the dream is worth fulfilling…you know what, it is the only fulfilment… : ) Live the dream..Live ‘You’ and everything else will be taken care of…


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What’s Your Ultimate Dream? I Have Found Mine! It Is Yours Too