Mohammed Shami And The Missing Roar Of Righteousness

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Hasin Jahan, wife of Indian cricket Mohammed Shami, is in no mood for a compromise after her multiple accusations of infidelity on the pacer. In his defense, Shami released an audio clip today. If you listen to it carefully, there’s something that will stay and seek your mind.

We all have listened to Jahan’s supposed ordeal on majority of TV channels and today, Shami came out with a recording of the phone call he made to his wife in his attempt to redeem himself from the grave situation that has the capacity to ruin him forever. Apart from non-bailable charges dangling on his head, Shami is on the verge of losing his India and Indian Premier League contracts. If that happens, it will be an end to what looked like a promising cricketing career.

And Mohammed Shami, clearly, cannot afford that! At least that’s what it sounds like from the latest audio clip that has his conversation with wife Jahan. There’s something that stayed back with me after listening to Shami’s audio clip and honestly, my observation doesn’t have any feminist bias attached to it.

In the entire conversation, Shami talks of his family and future while Jahan is hell bent to make him confess his mistake and accept the supposed wrong doings. Now, since this call has been recorded by Shami, it gives him an advantage of a pre-meditated conversation while Jahan, obviously, doesn’t know that their talk is being recorded so there’s no filter at her end and yet she has just repeated what she has already come up with in public.

If you ask me, had I been Mohammed Shami, who steers clear of all the allegations and says it’s a conspiracy against him, and my wife continuously accused me of murder, forced sex with brother-in-law, extra-marital affairs, match-fixing, I would’ve slapped her back with charges of defaming a truthful and innocent person like me in public.

What has surprised me that Shami, who thinks his wife has been brain-washed, has not for once seemed to have been taken aback by the “baseless” allegations and wants to make an effort to resolve it in whichever possible way. He refuses to accept his “mistake” but there’s not even a slight retaliation from his side on being repeatedly grilled on “gandagi” by Jahan. I cannot imagine myself being righteous and told again and again that I’m a criminal! Shami is extremely unconvincing on this front. Moreover, his statements of defence do not come from the strength of his stomach. A man who has done no wrong will not and should not listen to wrong either, I believe.

I am not an expert in Cricket, Politics or Law but it isn’t rocket science to know that human tendencies do not differ with the field of interests.

Sample the day when A Raja, former telecom minister, and M Kanimozhi of the DMK were among 17 people acquitted in the “2G scam”, one of India’s biggest corruption scandals. The visuals on TV showed both of them with smiles of victory. “I am delighted!” was Raja’s reaction while Kanimozhi was seen hugging and accepting greetings of her well-wishers.

I fail to understand how can someone, who has been innocent all this while, even attempt to celebrate the relief from the accusations that shouldn’t have been made in first place? Shouldn’t there be anger in the person who knows there’s nothing wrong s/he has done and has been unfairly dragged into an unnecessary controversy that has depleted him/her of time and energy?

Mohammad Hussain Fazili – a small time shawl weaver from Srinagar’s Bachpora locality was jailed for 12 years in the New Delhi 2005 blasts case. While talking to a Srinagar-based journalist on the unfair verdict and subsequent release, he had said, “It looks like I’m born again. But who will return my 12 years lost in prison?”

Nisaruddin Ahmed, along with his brother Zaheeruddin Ahmed, is another example of wrongful imprisonment in 1993 Hyderabad blasts case. They spent 23 years in jail for a crime they never committed. “Who will return our precious years?” was the question Zaheeruddin put forth to the reporter covering his unfortunate story.

See the difference in reactions there?

Those who think and know they’re truly right are pained on losing time and years due to unjustified torture and drill. Even after being told they’re innocent, there’s no way they can forget the most horrendous experience of their lives. Forget smiling, they can barely gather themselves to narrate something they’d take the rest of their lives to forget.

It is understood that not giving a reaction is a reaction and diplomacy is the best resort chosen by Shami in a sensitive situation where his wife Jahan has fired all guns on him in the public. But it is simply unnatural to not react when you’re repeatedly being called a culprit and all you say is, “I’m ready to patch up in private!”

Where’s the roar of righteousness?


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