Watch: Santosh Desai On Writing Fearless Columns, Raising Independent Daughters & Never Wanting A Son

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Santosh Desai is a name to reckon with in advertising and has had an extensive career in marketing and consumer insights. Presently, he’s the Managing Director and CEO of Future Brands Ltd. and has been writing columns for The Times of India Group for over 14 years now.

His columns are placed under the title ‘City City Bang Bang‘ and his author bio goes like this –

City City Bang Bang looks at contemporary Indian society from an everyday vantage point. It covers issues big and small, tends where possible to avoid judgmental positions, and tries instead to understand what makes things the way they are.” 

From current affairs to politics to just observing our Indian society with a balanced flavour, his articles are for a commoner who may be reading about his chosen topic for the first time but will not feel alienated for once. One thing that is uniform about his style of writing is actually not a style; it is his honesty and heart to say things as they are.

I may not be fully wrong in calling his honesty as a “style of writing” in the current times, after all, where biases prevail irrespective of truth and facts while voices and opinions are shut before they find a taker.

And, I never knew there will be a time when honestly will be intriguing.

As surprisingly intrigued as I could be, I decided to chat up with Santosh on what it takes to be writing fearless columns and how can an upcoming writer and author inculcate some of his values. He also shared about his two daughters, Pallavi, 30 and Ketaki, 24, who he and his wife have lovingly raised to be “independent-minded and deeply rooted.” It was very interesting to know that the couple never had a pro-son mindset and was apprehensive of having one.

Watch our candid & delightful conversation –


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Watch: Santosh Desai On Writing Fearless Columns, Raising Independent Daughters & Never Wanting A Son