“This Is Why Tata Bought It!” Stranger Disliked Air India Meal & This Happened Next

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As Tata Group takes over Air India, the ex-employees & their families have been told to submit certain documents to avail some facilities. After much hassle, I was able to get the documents cleared and was ranting at the signatory’s office where his senior was sitting, “This is a routine torture at government offices…so disappointing.” The senior couldn’t ignore and said something that stayed with me, “This organization is still running because there are more people who know and do their work.”

“Not denying sir, but because of this slow and careless machinery we have to suffer”, I added.

“Yes but changes happen, they are happening and will continue to happen”, he said like a true custodian of a brand that runs his show and, of everyone else who swear by the organization generation after generation.

Yesterday when I was flying in Air India, on my right was a young gentleman (appeared to be a college student from his talk & mannerism), who, after finishing his meal (which he didn’t know was a part of his paid ticket and also clicked a picture of), said to me, “After eating this I just know the reason why Tata bought it!” He basically didn’t like the meal and was blaming the poor management. On the contrary, I loved the sandwich and dessert and with that senior’s words playing at the back of my mind, I said, “I think the meal is very nice, you don’t get it in other airlines, do you? And, also, you have to pay for it. About Tata buying Air India, well it’s good for the company and a positive move and am sure we’ll see changes in future.”

He continued, “I think there’s a lot of difference between private airlines and government one. I think the government just doesn’t care. Just file for bankruptcy and that’s it.. look at Kingfisher…” On which I replied, “You said it. There’s indeed a lot of difference. Private players don’t think twice before shutting down their business and throwing out employees while look at AI, despite running into deep losses for years, Govt never shut it down, instead found a buyer and good one. AI employees might get deferred salaries but they still do. Kingfisher is still selling beer by the way, if it had the intent to care and pay off its employees, it would have.”

By now he was convinced and went “hmmm…” and I seemed more interesting than his Physics chapter;) I also shared with him about the well-served, tasty meals in the business class that are even better. He didn’t know about the difference between an Airbus and a Dreamliner so he asked me more and having figured just a day ago, I told him that he can check which aircraft he’s boarding while booking on the Air India app.

“Oh! Air India has an app!!”

“Yes, and, it’s pretty neat.”

With no bias, like a true Air-Indian and someone who genuinely believes in changing perspectives through the power of my words, I pulled up the image of the organization in a stranger’s eyes and remember, it was the same me who was going mad at the ground office, I realize, this subtle shift had happened there because of that senior who made an effort to tweak it in my mind and in turn, I did it in the flight.

And that’s how genuine words flow, open minds and create impact. Next time you believe in something and you know it’ll make a positive difference, say it, not to impress anyone but to contribute in empowering truth and shifting perspectives. Because, only humans can.

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“This Is Why Tata Bought It!” Stranger Disliked Air India Meal & This Happened Next