Podium Finish For Another Taapsee-Style Story, ‘Rashmi Rocket’ Unmissable

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“Waise bhi main kisi ki nahi sunti… Tu khud ki sunti hai.. bahut badhi baat hai”

“Haar jeet toh parinam hai… Koshish karna humara kaam hai”

Simple words said with such ease, simplicity and conviction through a mass medium often turn gold, live on and give immeasurable support to those who seek and find it through cinema that’s created with an intent to change narratives.

These two dialogues define the simplicity with which ‘Rashmi Rocket’  has been brought to life and how the power of that simplicity has been put forth to tell an everyday story of woman in India.

It is ​a watchbook on Indian woman’s ordeal and how she rises above the rotten social taboos to snatch freedom & fairness she’s denied right from her birth on a land where its humans, ironically, worship goddesses.

‘Rashmi Rocket’ demolishes stigmas at so many levels. The movie hasn’t just pulled ‘gender testing’ in sports under spotlight but also thrown light on state bias in sports, men rooting for women, women rooting for women and professional sports during pregnancy – that, all of it is for real and possible.

It deserves heartfelt compliments and appreciation for those who use their talent, voice, resources and position of privilege to raise such issues of human interest & injustice towards women.

My huge respect for all members of team ‘Rashmi Rocket’ and those who leverage the power of cinema to bring this shift in the mindsets.

From ‘Pink’ to ‘Thappad’ to ‘Rashmi Rocket’, unperturbed by typecasting, rather carving a niche for herself, a special mention for actress Taapsee Pannu who continues to choose unconventional & deliver meaningful storylines one after the other, so much so that they feel real and come across as who she is, merging with the characters seamlessly.

To the team who creates this magic – your one thought and attempt at such important social conversations is in itself commendable because usually, people seldom care. It takes something else to invest one in a story that may backfire or not find acceptance, transforming it into art that shakes & stays in two hours is next level – my salute.

If cinema ever finds its space in school curriculum (and it should, why not), movies like ‘Rashmi Rocket’ will and should be front-runners to form the textbooks.

Don’t miss ‘Rashmi Rocket’ and tell everyone you know to watch it because human duties hold us imperative to know the pain-points of the gender that has given birth to our world and work on ourselves in every way to help her live the life she truly deserves – watching this movie and implementing its good message in our lives is one of them.

Pic courtesy: Taapsee Pannu Instagram

Disclaimer: I feel cinema and write for readers who feel. I am not a qualified entertainment journalist, hence, you wouldn’t find technical critique in my pieces.


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Podium Finish For Another Taapsee-Style Story, ‘Rashmi Rocket’ Unmissable