My Attitude Is My USP: Shikhar Dhawan

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Enough of cricket, selections, ODIs and Tests! It’s time now to have some serious fun. Leaving the humdrum of typical interviews behind, Preeti Hoon decided to catch the young and energetic stars in a lighter mood. This is one of those attempts to bring out the other side of a cricketer’s personality.

Shikhar Dhawan made his way into limelight by playing for Delhi Daredevils in the inaugural super-duper Indian Premier League. He is candid, intelligent and spontaneous. He knows what he wants, and for his clarity of thoughts, I would give him 8 out of 10. Read on and you will know why…

What is your USP?

My attitude with style – the perfect mixture.

(In batting yes, I agree. Otherwise, I have to meet him in a party to believe it.)

Who is your idol?

I don’t have any. I like watching a lot of players, everybody has his own style and it’s not possible for me to follow one person. I just notice and grasp helpful points from great players.

(Unexpectedly good answer. I follow this theory too.)

What is your definition of IPL?

A big platform for cricketers all over the world. International and domestic players come and play together. It is good fun too.

(Where’s the money part Shikhar?)

What about cheerleaders?

They are for the audiences; we just concentrate on our game. Though they perform well and are professionals in their job.

(I was definitely expecting something better than that )

Your dream Bollywood role?

Never thought about it. But if given a chance, I want to do stunts like that of Akshay Kumar’s. But Akshay’s role belongs to him only, I want to have my own role that too a rugged one.

(Now that’s individuality.)

One warning you would want to give your opposition?

Go hard or go home.

(I like that!)

If you were not playing for India, which country would you like to play for?

Australia or South Africa may be, they have got good players. I will get a chance to play with such high-profile players and score for their side.

(Chance pe dance hmm.)

One embarrassing moment that you wish didn’t happen?

When I was a kid my skin used to get tanned as cricket kept me out in the sun for long hours. Once at my grandmother’s place, my cousin’s tutor came to teach him and my aunt asked me to serve water to him and he thought I was a servant. That was really embarrassing for me.

(It gave me laughter fits )

Anything you would like to change about yourself?

I want to be more patient. But otherwise, I want my hairstyle to be better, I can’t grow them due to their extreme curliness.

(Change shampoo, not hair.)

What if you are made the president of the BCCI? What changes would you bring to Indian cricket?

Everything they have done is fine. More youngsters coming in to play and things are improving day by day. There’s nothing to change.

(No comments!)

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

I would like to help the poor people, quietly enter their homes and leave behind gifts unnoticed, bringing smiles to their faces.

(And Mr Cricket 2009 is… Wasn’t this the best answer?)

What would be the three flavours of ice-cream that you’d like to gift to the three special people in your life, and why?

I will give mango flavour to my mother because I love it and I want her to taste it too, chocolate to my sister because she likes it and butterscotch to a school friend and my father because that’s their favourite.

(That’s what I call Mr. Caring)

If left alone on a deserted island, what would be the three things you’d like to have with you, and why?

Food because it’s a necessity, gym for my fitness and television so that I can watch loads of movies.
(I think I should have given you a fourth option to match with your gym demand may be.)

Your most memorable moment?

When I was adjudged ‘Man of the tournament’ in the Under-19 World Cup in Dhaka, and whenever I spend time with my grandparents.

(Girls, he’s homely too!)

Define yourself in one word.


(Originally published in NDTV)


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