This Easy, Yum Paneer Butter Masala Recipe I Have Locked For Lifetime

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It’s been a year of discovering my love for cooking and having not even cut an onion in my entire life before, I can tell you it’s been a revelation to cook dishes that we, often, only devoured at dine-outs.

It feels like a serious achievement. Not the one our patriarchal society gloats on. It’s more of doing something I hated (for same patriarchal reasons), never thought I will do and be able to master it with passing days.

Latest to join my list of recipes is Paneer Butter Masala.

To explain its taste through the most clichéd comparison – it turned out to be just like Butter Chicken! I can say that with a conviction because I was once a non-vegetarian and seems it will take me some more time to get NV taste out of my tongue memory *rolls eyes*

And, honestly, this is not my recipe.

I have learnt it from youtube after much research and curated for you here after having trying out a few before zeroing down on this one.

I was specifically looking for a Paneer Butter Masala technique that does not feature whole spices. Though, the inclusion makes the dish more flavourful but I, personally, prefer to opt out of whole spices if it doesn’t change the flavours of the make in entirety.

It also helps in saving time as one ends up skipping one major step of sieving the residue of spices.

In short, this recipe is not just a time saver but also lip-smacking to say the least.

Here is my recommendation –


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This Easy, Yum Paneer Butter Masala Recipe I Have Locked For Lifetime