Golf, Singing and Samsung…

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“If I was not with Samsung, I would have been a singer by now!”

It’s been 20 years with Samsung and Ravinder Zutshi is still going strong, with sheer hard work and determination, today he occupies a coveted position in Samsung India. In a candid interview with Preeti Hoon, Zutshi confesses his undying love for singing and golf. Let’s hear more from this ‘Mama’s Boy’…

First thing on your mind when you wake up?
I wish I had little more time to sleep.

How do you warm-up yourself before work?
Earlier when I was staying nearer to my office, I used to play squash before getting ready for the office. These days I don’t get time to do that.

Who’s the first person you seek when you reach office?
I meet my secretary and take a lowdown of the key appointments for the day.

When you started your career, what is that one practice you always thought you would never get into when you become a boss?
I had to seek appointments from my bosses whenever I had to consult them on anything. But, I have never been like a boss! My cabin is an ‘open room’ – anybody can knock and walk in! They never have to seek an appointment to meet me and this makes their life convenient.

How often do you lose your temper at your juniors?
(Smiles) In last 3-4 years, I haven’t lost my temper that often. There was a time I used to lose my temper every two hours!

Do you indulge in spiritual chanting or any ‘cool-down’ mantra?
I have a short 5-minute prayer in the morning before I begin my day.

Do you get yourself involved in HR matters of the company?
If there’s an issue that is brought to my notice then definitely yes. Otherwise, not really. I am more involved in Corporate Communications of the company.

What’s your stress buster at workplace?
Workplace there isn’t any but I am a die-hard fan of Golf and I make sure I play it every weekend.

Your all-time favourite song?
All Kishore Kumar songs are my favourite. There was one song from Kati Patang I love the most. (Starts to sing) Pyaar Deewana Hota Hai Mastana Hota Hai…Har Khushi Har Gam Se Begana Hota Hai…

What is that one thing that makes you cry?
Poverty. It makes me feel very low at times.

So, are you a philanthropist?
Yes I do charity without announcing it. I am not associated with any organization particularly but I do it on a personal level. My caddie Devinder comes from a very poor family. He aspires to be a pro golfer. I support him financially and wish he fulfills his dream soon.

How do you spend your leisure time?
I am a big movie buff! (exclaims) I try and catch first day first shows of most of the new flicks.

So, which is that one actress you like watchin on 70mm the most?
I really liked watching Mumtaz a lot. These days I am fond of Deepika Padukone and Vidya Balan.

And, actor?
Rajesh Khanna is my all-time favourite. I also like watching Ranbir Kapoor’s work these days.

We know Kashmir is your native place but which is that one place you like holidaying the most?
I love to go to Switzerland. I really like that place a lot.

Who is that one person you are really close to?
My mother. My father passed away when I was quite young. She brought us up all by herself and I really have lot of love and regards for her.

So, would it be okay to call you ‘Mama’s boy’?
100 per cent.

How do you react to negative press coverage?
I take it in a good spirit. I also send clarification if at all there’s a need. I don’t get upset as I know its their job.

If you would have not chosen to join Samsung 20 years back, what would you have been doing?
(Answers before question completes) I would have become a singer by now. Or may be a music director. I have been a music enthusiast since my school and college days.

Any other talent that you have?
I am very good with numbers. My general knowledge is very good.

How does the evening set in for you?
I have many social obligations and evenings generally go by fulfilling a lot of them.

What about weekends?
I play Golf and Squash – my favourite games. Also, Badminton. I have been playing it for good 13-14 years now.

One thing that nobody knows about you…
I love dressing up and wear some of my favourite perfumes. I have developed a latest liking for ‘One Million’.

What’s your new possession?
Ml 250 Merc.

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