13 Things UrbanClap Co-Founder Said That Makes Him Truly Badass

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I met Abhiraj Singh Bhal, Co-Founder, UrbanClap, during the shoot of my online show DB Spotlight for Dainik Bhaskar. He’s a starry-eyed young man who wouldn’t like to be in the company of those not walking the talk. I mean, I can say that after having this absoulute cracker of a chat with him during the video shoot.

Here are 13 badass things he said that caught my attention and confirmed that he’s a call-spade-a-spade guy –

1. We never had the guts to become entrepreneurs
2. Me, Varun (Co-founder UrbanClap) got drunk one day and decided to leave behind our first failure and start up again
3. We had decided to keep going until we hit the bull’s eye even if it meant failing for another five years
4. I was extremely happy Raghav (Co-founder UrbanClap) failed at his first business
5. Other startups in service marketplace compromised with customer experience unlike us
6. We were aggressive, we are aggressive, this is like a war for us
7. We don’t have any competition, those who exist are nowhere near us
8. Leadership journey has been so not easy for all three of us
9. We have never gone to investors, our philosophy is that good companies get discovered
10. Conferences, accelerator programs, communities for startups are of no use
11. Entrepreneurs should focus on their businesses, not attend conferences
12. Our dream is to create a million jobs for service professionals in India
13. Our competition cannot touch us, they should just shut down or think of some other idea

Tempted much to watch the video interview? Here it is –


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13 Things UrbanClap Co-Founder Said That Makes Him Truly Badass