Ditch Facebook! Know Successful People’s Morning Read

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Are you also one of those who let Facebook and Whatsapp wake them up with notification tones that have by now replaced their alarm clocks? Well, if it’s a big yes, you really haven’t qualified for any greatness then.

Honestly, it isn’t a great scheme of things to have your mornings look like that. Forget FB or WA, the whole idea of having an electronic device near your pillow is in itself leading you to the worst of your health. (Let’s leave that for another article sometime)

But isn’t it funny, our Facebook timelines have started to rule our lives. We have started to consume news that is being thrown up to us by various Pages of news organizations that carefully design and push social media-friendly items up on our faces.

I still remember the way our college professor Mr. M R Dua used to carry newspapers to our Print Journalism class and guide us about newspapers and their agendas. We were told to read certain newspapers and ignore a certain set of media for effective journalism. (Thank you, sir, hope you are reading this.)

But I don’t see that happening anymore.

The primary reason for such a drastic shift in the way news is read and understood these days because people have truly forgotten to make a choice to consume news from the right sources. Rather, now, it is news that’s consuming the audience.

Don’t let that happen. Control what you read.

Here are few successful people telling you what they read and from where –

Abhishek Ganguly, MD, Puma India

I read Mashable, Scoopwhoop and Times of India for News in general, Social Media news and for everything in global business space. People into fitness should read Men’s Health and I recommend Espn cricinfo for all cricket-related stuff.


Subhrangshu Neogi, Director, Group Marketing & Brand, Religare

I quite like Harvard Business Review, Tech Insider and Economic Times for overall news. I read Tech insider specifically to know about innovations. Traditionally, I have always found Print medium better but now for all the news I consume, the platform preference is Digital. All these websites help me with news, insights, and perspective of everything happening in and around the world.

Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO, Mirum India

Well, I am a huge fan of podcasts, so I listen to several interesting ones from iTunes. Other than that, I follow some interesting people on social media as they provide me with a huge number of interesting links to read from. And then I do check trending topics on twitter for any breaking news type of stories. I also occasionally check out Medium and Tumblr for content too. Then there’s stuff like TED videos as well.

 Subhamoy Das, Director, Brand & Communication, Deloitte India

There are several newsletters I have subscribed to and I make sure I read news from those first thing in the morning. Time, Brain Pickings and Medium are my favourites there.

Naresh Gupta, CSO, Partner, Bang In The Middle

I read Bestmediainfo as I write for it. The marketing and business feed in New York Times is stupendous and Mashable is the best site to read about social media.

Here you go. Take your pick and jumpstart your mornings the right way! Reading about people’s lives and being addicted to keeping information about their whereabouts is never going to take you anywhere. Ditch Facebook. Take charge of your reading habits and consume knowledge from the right sources. Read the right way to success.


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Ditch Facebook! Know Successful People’s Morning Read