What Rajesh Mehta Learnt From His Bosses

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COO, Super Fight League & Super Boxing League shares his life learning.

As a seasoned marketer, who has worked with brands like Western Union, Emami, Fevicol, Rasna, Tips & Toes, Rajesh Mehta has come a long way and has seen his share of ups and downs in life. He is, originally, an engineer who found his calling in Marketing. He has been a workaholic ever since and hasn’t taken a single holiday in his professional career of 27 years.

But Rajesh doesn’t think it’s something to boast on, “It’s been a hectic journey and every year I decide to take a proper vacation but I think it’s fate or may be it is me who loves work so much and gives more than 100 per cent. I miss taking a break!” he quips.

Breaking the monotony of life is as important as making monies to lead a luxurious one. The inevitable work load often tends to get on to one’s nerves when work-life balance is missing. So, did Rajesh’s tough schedule turn him into a tough boss too? The answer is surprising.

“I think I like to portray that I am tough. But I am not. My team and I had coined a term – ‘Reverse Delegation’, which means flow of work from the bottom to the top. I always end up doing my team’s work! (Laughs)”

Rajesh also happened to learn quite a few qualities from his bosses and made sure he never forgets them. “I have imbibed the importance of time and detailing from my bosses. I’m very punctual and end up reaching early (on time) for events. I value time and don’t like to make people wait.”

‘Punctuality’ is a taken-for-granted virtue in India. It’s almost non-existent. The non-seriousness of arriving on time is appalling and unfortunately, often termed as “Indian culture”.

“Sometimes, you do feel that people should take you seriously and not mess around with you”, Mehta shares.

“But yes, I don’t give importance to myself. I firmly believe there’s so much more to learn”, he adds.

Read full soul interview with Rajesh Mehta.

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What Rajesh Mehta Learnt From His Bosses