7 Solid Statements By Richa Kar On Revolutionizing Lingerie In India

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Richa Kar, Founder, Zivame is truly an inspiration not just because she’s a successful woman entrepreneur but also for choosing a category as “bold” as lingerie in India, carving a business idea around it and leading it to a level where it received Tata Sons’ Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata’s investment nod.

I absolutely loved chatting up with her during DBSpotlight shoot. She was at her candid best and here’s how she spoke her mind loud and clear –

1. Lingerie is personal, a woman wears it for the longest time, it needs to be special.
2. A woman doesn’t need to feel shy and embarrassed while buying lingerie.
3. I wanted to make lingerie buying respectful for women.
4. Lingerie is like a spa, you do it for yourself.
5. When a woman asks for sexy lingerie publicly, she’s looked down upon. I wanted to change that.
6. Lingerie is a choice and any woman can wear and choose whatever she wants to. People have nothing to be judgmental about it.
7. Lingerie is 100% manufactured by women. The sale & purchase of it helps a woman somewhere get financial and social independence.

Watch the full interview here-


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7 Solid Statements By Richa Kar On Revolutionizing Lingerie In India