Why India Is “Enchanting” For Ozer Guler Of Turkish Airlines

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When someone has worked in distinguished portfolios across continents worldwide, it isn’t easy to zero down on one country as a possible favourite. Ozer Guler, GM, North & East India, Turkish Airlines has come close to choosing one for himself.

“India is the closest to home away from home that I have experienced in my various postings across the world”, he told GW.

Guler thinks the vibes he gets from India are same as what Indians feel when they visit Turkey.

“When Indians travel to Turkey, they feel at home. The same holds true for me when I came to India. I think there is a lot of similarity between the two countries in terms of customs, culture, art or cuisine. Many of my Indian friends have helped me better understand the culture and history of this amazing land – and I have only felt enriched and enchanted by what I have experienced.”

According to Guler, the travel markets trends depict that an Indian traveler is an evolving one.

“Recent market trends reveal that there is a shift in traveling trends from terrestrial travel to air travel. People in India pose an excellent enthusiasm to explore the unexplored and want to travel to unconventional holiday destinations.”

Last year, Turkish Airlines, completed 15 years of its presence in India and it has been a decent growth story for the company with 2018 being the “landmark year”.

Guler asserted, “India has always been an attractive destination for Turkish Airlines in terms of both operations and promoting tourism. Our experience in the market has shown us that India has enormous potential in both international and domestic markets.  2018 is a landmark year for Turkish Airlines as we complete 15 years of our presence in India. India’s growing civil aviation sector, economy and demographic growth provide new opportunities for airlines to expand their operational footprint.”

I met Ozer at Turkish Food Festival at Hyatt Regency Gurgaon. On my left is Chef Sonay Oguz who was flown in from Istanbul to lead the festival.

The aviation growth story of India seems too alluring to be not tapped on. Turkish Airlines has set its eye on the year 2020 where it believes, the income levels and passenger air traffic will see a rise.

“In the next decade India and China are expected to be the leading factors for the growth of the global market. With rising income levels, passenger air traffic in India is expected to increase considerably by 2020. Turkish Airlines will keep focusing on promoting India across its network. With high demand and great potential of growth in India, the company will be continuing to consider new opportunities to develop operations throughout the country”, Guler shared.

A customer is at the centerstage of any business, especially when the business is that of hospitality and travel. Off lately, Turkish Airlines has been laying focus on customer care experience. Guler informs, “İn recent years, the company has been investing heavily in terms of customer satisfaction with one of the best aircrafts, providing a comfortable travel experience with wider seats and aisles, leg spaces, etc. for the comfort of our guests choosing to fly Turkish Airlines.”

Turkish Airlines has a fleet of 325 (passenger and cargo) aircraft flying to more than 300 destinations worldwide – with 255 international and 49 domestic – across 122 countries.


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Why India Is “Enchanting” For Ozer Guler Of Turkish Airlines