Maggi? Oh, Please! 8 Things In India That Deserve A Ban

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I ain’t a Nestle supporter and am neither judging Maggi’s false claims of being healthy too. It’s simply one of those days in the life of a thinking Indian when The Great Indian Double Standards go over the top and screws his mind, usually accustomed to play pigeon as it senses a hypocrisy attack.

We all know there are umpteen things in India that need an urgent ban but who would have thought, the axe that must victimize the following would instead fall on the most loved snack food in India. You want to ban Maggi? Sure, go ahead but don’t show ostrich-like behaviour when it comes to these…


Darn! Did someone say dangerous substances? What about a dangerous product/addiction? Maggi should go off the selves, something that’s being eaten since decades in India by children and adults alike but sale of cigarette packs with bold warnings will not be discontinued. The government would hike the taxes on cigarettes budget after the budget but won’t ban it to avoid causing dent in the income from tobacco.

Acid Sale To Common Man

The brutal acid attacks don’t stop. Many must be going unreported. Despite States & Union Territories receiving guidelines on sale of acid in 2013, it is still available freely. Focus and deal with the real issues on hand. BAN THE GODDAMN ACID!!!

Street Food

Has anyone heard Chandini Chowk street food being scrutinized for health and hygiene reasons? You want people to not eat unhealthy, unhygienic food then please institutionalize street food vendors, issue guidelines and inspect them. Or is it that you are aiming to torture an FMCG biggie like Nestle?

Peeing In Public

It’s not even some decades old. It has existed in our country since the time the country started to exist. What if it’s the same pee-at road where your favourite street-food is sold… hmm…

Ministers With Criminal Background

Can we first test the Food Ministers and other babus who are testing Maggi? They have been more harmful to country’s health than noodles India has been hogging on over 30 yrs.

Drivers, Pilots, Quacks

The rising numbers of accidental deaths & road rage cases are a proof why certain people are better of off the roads. Fake driving licences are a cakewalk. When it comes to a flying licence, 35min of flying is all it takes to become a commercial pilot. And let’s not even talk about the state of medical industry in India…

Indian Media

They would question victims of Nepal earthquake “how do you feel”, but won’t question how Maggi was cleared by some states and banned by others on same testing methods. And oh, is this your another chance to produce a shouting match on television! Damn.

And most urgently,


Did anyone ever…EVER thought of banning hypocrites in India?
Bringing your kids on the streets for a procession against Maggi is as dumb as the decision to letting them eat it that young.  Forget Lead or MSG, the noodles are majorly made of “maida” – hope the maggi-feeding parents know its harmful effects on a human body. You all will be the first to buy Maggi once it’s back in the shelves. So stop exhibiting your hypocrisy by burning Maggi packs and teaching your kids how to hate Maggi for the cameras.

Congratulations, Indians on another WTF moment!


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