“Patanjali Ain’t Competition” Unicity Launches New Personal Care Brand In India

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Unicity International, a US-based nutrition and personal care company, has launched its new range of personal care products in India. The newest offering by the global conglomerate is based on ‘Genomeceutical’ technology that works on the gene response in the body and help maintain overall metabolic health. The technology has been patented by the company & is claiming ‘Neigene’ to be world’s first brand that offers gene-controlling range of products.

Unicity’s Chief Scientific Officer believes that beautiful skin starts with healthy cells. “Neigene is designed using advanced, cell-targeted, healthy-aging technology. World over, the personal care industry is struggling to find sustainable solutions to skin protection from UV radiation and impact of lifestyle related stress. Unicity has researched the use of premium extracts that control gene response and produce collagen to such stimuli while not only preventing further degeneration but also accentuating effective skin restoration”, informed Dr. Dan Gubler.

The company is launching its products in line with Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and will be manufacturing its entire range in India in the times to come. The products will be sold through Multi-Level Marketing i.e Direct Channel.

On being asked if there’s any other way in which they intend to reach the Indian consumers with their new offerings, Vincent Raj, Vice President, Unicity International, South Asia told GW, “We are a human metabolic health company and the only medium that is most effective for us is ‘Word of Mouth’. That is what we will focus on.”

Clearly, for companies, old or new, that intend to venture into skincare market in India, the biggest competitor that stands in their way to clock numbers is Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali. But Raj thinks otherwise. “We do not believe in competition.”

“We do not follow other companies. We lead”, Dr Gubler added.

Unicity International has a wide range of nutritional products worldwide. The company launched its India operations in 2010 and now, with the launch of new generation range of Genomeceuticals™, it aims to create a premium and differentiated niche for itself in the personal care segment. The company plans to launch several new generation products in India over the next 2-3 years.


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“Patanjali Ain’t Competition” Unicity Launches New Personal Care Brand In India