From Hitachi To Himalayas, Partha Sen Bids Goodbye To 34 Years Of Corporate Life

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I have been following up with Partha Sen for ‘Brand Talk’, my online show with Dainik Bhaskar, for over two months now. Though, I have spoken to him only couple of times, today I could feel a tinge of happy colour in his voice. Something was different.

Well, a lot is different now, at least for Partha. He has bid adieu to Hitachi Air Conditioning India after 19 years of service. He was the Head of Marketing at Johnson Controls. And, by that subtle joy in his speech, one could make out that he has finally embraced sabbatical.

“I don’t have Monday blues anymore!” he quipped while speaking to me on the phone.

Hitachi has not replaced him with anyone as of now.

Partha started planning for his sabbatical seven years ago. Just like anybody, financial security was a priority for him and of course, good health. He’s presently taking it easy and might contemplate his own venture in future.

“I started working at the age of 21. I had earlier planned to work for 35 years but now 34 years on, I have finally quit. It feels good to have planned it right and I am fortunate that I can enjoy it now as am in good health.”

When Partha joined Hitachi, it was Rs 167-crore company and now, he’s leaving at a time when the outfit is touching Rs 2800 crores.

“I am very happy about the fact that whatever task I was given, I could live up to the expectations and perform. During last five years, especially, we evolved a lot. I have seen the company grow.”

Apart from his regular mandate, Sen had taken up the task to impart life skills at his organization as well.

“I used to teach the essence of life skills at Hitachi as a mentor. It is very important in today’s times. Top management schools are also encouraging students to understand the importance of life skills along with nuances of management”, he informed.

Partha tells me that his decision to quit has made another very important person in his life happier than ever.

“My wife, a homemaker, used to take care of everything in the mornings and now she’s free of that responsibility too!” Partha smiled.

Partha has a 26-year-old son, who’s presently pursuing Masters in Journalism from AAFT, Noida.

So, what’s the first thing on Partha’s mind now? A long vacation, I guessed.

“I feel a spiritual connect with the Himalayas. I am definitely planning something around that soon. It is on my bucket list!”

And, then I just asked the inevitable.

“Will you miss Hitachi?!”

“I don’t look back.”

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From Hitachi To Himalayas, Partha Sen Bids Goodbye To 34 Years Of Corporate Life