This Is How Repeat Roses Adds Fragrance To The Less-Privileged Lives

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In what could be called a beautiful act of humanity and kindness, there’s an American social enterprise making a difference to the lives of the less privileged who are often ignored in their hard-to-imagine routines.

Repeat Roses is a company that believes in re-using the floral arrangements often discarded at weddings, events and turn them into social good. It connects with local NGOs in America and make frequent visits to offer flowers to their residents and bring a moment of joy to them.

Not just that, it allows one to achieve charitable tax donation out of it and makes sure the floral waste is disposed off in an eco-conscious manner too.

It is the brainchild of Jennifer Grove, a former event planner.

“We get handwritten cards from all of our organizations across the country that say, ‘You know what, we were taking flowers to someone who was getting ready for their cancer treatment. We brought flowers to a gentleman who hasn’t had a visitor in three weeks,’ and just knowing we made a small difference in someone’s life, that’s meaningful to us,” Grove told Good Morning America.

How incredible is this thought!

Sounds like a great idea for social entrepreneurship and doesn’t seem to have been experimented with in India!

Check out their official website to know more.

(Picture credits: Repeat Roses Instagram & Twitter)


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This Is How Repeat Roses Adds Fragrance To The Less-Privileged Lives