This Mumbai Restaurant Is Taking Pride In Refusing Its Customers! Here’s Why

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…because a small step can help humanity tip-toe to a big change!

In a fast-moving, routine life, we tend to end up using plastic more often than we really need to. Despite knowing its adverse impact on our environment, we resort to convenience and ease of its availability. In fact, do we ever make an effort to replace plastic with a greener option? Well, we all know the answer.

But, when someone does take a make-a-difference initiative, it should never go without being acknowledged.

The Daily Bar & Kitchen in Mumbai’s Bandra is a restaurant that has taken a small yet significant step towards limiting the use of plastic in its premises.

The bar restaurant has initiated a campaign called, ‘Refuse the Straw’, where it has cut down on the usage of straws that are mostly made of plastic. The restaurant has stopped giving straws along with drinks and is making an attempt to educate the customers about the initiative.

“We are known for innovative methods and practices to help the environment and our surroundings. Once we discovered the lifespan of a plastic straw, which takes 200 years to break down into tiny toxic parts, we thought of taking up this initiative in whatever capacity we could. Eventually, it’s these small changes that create a bigger impact over time”, Dishant Pritaman, owner, The Daily Bar & Kitchen, told me.

Most of the customers have been supportive of the campaign, he shares, while those who insist on using straws are given paper straws by the outlet.

“Over 90% of our customers supported us. Those who insist on a straw, we provide paper straws which are not the most cost effective but much better for the environment.”

With this tiny, thoughtful change, The Daily Bar & Kitchen has reduced the monthly usage of straws from 4500-5200 to around 200 and has played a small role in saving the environment in its own way, setting an example for those who live in a denial and don’t give their time and energy to small initiatives like these.

So, next time, make sure you refuse the straw, apprise the restaurants of this initiative and hey girls, while indulging in drinks, let’s find an alternative to straws to save our lipsticks from fading away. : )

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This Mumbai Restaurant Is Taking Pride In Refusing Its Customers! Here’s Why