Video: Dancing With Sunil Grover!

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On special invitation, I was at Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce Industry (FICCI), the iconic building located at Mandi House, New Delhi. The event and occasion was a first for FICCI Ladies Organization. For the first time in the history of FLO events, a comedian and actor was to arrive, that too, someone as talented and witty as Sunil Grover.

On inviting a comedian as a special guest at their official event, FLO President Harjinder Kaur, said, “A very good change and we should continue with it more often as it not only proved to be a stress buster but also allowed members to interact on a more social and friendly way.”

After being felicitated by the President Kaur, Grover took no time to come into his elements and interacted to a full house, women-only audience. He share about his journey and how he knew the craft of acting is what will take him places. He also played games with the FLO members and taught them gidda (Punjabi dance form) his style. I, too, found myself among the picked participants by Grover to share the stage with him.

And, then it was a laughter riot! While explaining the dance steps, he told me, “Itne pyar se maroge machhar toh dubara aajayega” (if you kill the mosquito with so much love, he will come back!)

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Video: Dancing With Sunil Grover!