Romancing The Houseboat In Alleppy Backwaters

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And as my #KeralaBlogExpress journey continued, speechlessness had become a way of life for as & when Kerala’s glory unfolded itself to me with each passing day. In the first week of our road trip, we visited the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre, Kappukadu in Trivandrum, where we saw the rescued elephants take their lazy baths, Sivananda Yoga Centre, where Satvik lunch awaited us and The Raviz Hotel, Kollam – where we were given a celeb-like welcome by the traditional instrumentalists and hotel staff presented us with cardamom garlands, cinnamon drinks and also beautiful Saris – one of the most cherished memories I have of that beautiful property till date.

Mammoth Blessings 😀
Thank You, You Were Kind 🙂

Sivananda Yoga Centre, Trivandrum
Traditional Welcome At The Raviz, Ashtamudi
Awesome Reception!
View From The Raviz, Ashtamudi
Look Who I Bumped Into Here… David Rocco.. Wohoo!
Special Night, Special Look – Wardrobe By The Raviz

And by now it was enough of hotel hopping and I was looking forward for my houseboat stay in the backwaters. Our next stop was indeed at the houseboat hospitality partners Lakes and Lagoons, where there was another noisy, over-the-top welcome for us – the pampered celebs 😉 (Oh! How I enjoyed being in the spotlight all the time, it really helps when you’re used to it 😛 ;)) and it was time for me to shake a booty with my partner in crime Arnaud Weihe. (this guy was as crazy as me and may be more, I liked him ;D)

Dance Like Everyone’s Watching ????
#DesiThumkas :P, With Arnaud (South Africa)

And finally the moment we all waited for!! First sight of our houseboats and what could have been a better reaction than to have gone – Siiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

THAT For TWO? Ok. I Think It Was Still Small.

A drop-off was arranged to our respective houseboats. My houseboat mate was Alexandra Kovacova, the pretty damsel from Slovakia, and we both were excited alike for the ride together and made sure the hotness meter in this particular houseboat soars really high 😉

With Alexandra Kovacova (Slovakia)

Honestly, I didn’t know much about houseboats before this. And this beauty made my jaw drop! I was in awe of the kind of facilities it offered. Our houseboat had a staff of three – two for the kitchen and one was the captain/navigator. We soon got all lazy in our respective rooms fitted with Air Conditioners and a neat washroom with shower. It was lunchtime and the yearn for a nice light supper after days full of lavish buffets and exquisite meals seemed meaningful as we were thankfully served with one of the simplest yet tasteful lunches. Alexandra and I were totally in awe of the luxurious houseboat by this time and the lunch just added on to the awesomeness we were drowned in already.

The Friendly Staff. A Treat Listening To Their Local Stories
My Room 🙂 Pretty No?
Ah! And Now The Moment Is Complete. Ting!
Served With Goodness And A View
Look At The Clarity In Cooking. Earthy, Delicious And Soulful!

With our tummies full with the goodness of a delicious, well-prepared meal and hearts beaming with the love exuberating from the backwaters of Alleppy, we were feeling a feelings galore – of being blessed, of having done something right somewhere and been given a chance of a lifetime to come on a ride as amazing as this one and share our Indian and Slovakian stories alike. Everything was surreal…

Let Me Just Stand There And Not Speak…
Sitting By My Room Window…

It was an interesting overnight sleep amid the sounds of crickets and other creepy noises made by some sleepless insects (jeez :D). As and when there was a movement of motorboats along with our houseboat, we could feel the water give us a gentle swing. (lullaby could have made the moment complete :D)

All Six Of Our Houseboats Parked For The Night
Time To See Off The Sun For The Day!

Oh! I had a fantastic sleep on my houseboat – I treasure it the most!

The morning after was even more beautiful. We had decided we would wake up early to witness the sunset of our lives – the sunset on a houseboat in the most beautiful backwaters of Kerala! What a sight it was! We woke up to a never-seen-before view. It was a dream in motion. There was water as far as our vision could reach and the horizon was adorned by the showstopper sun.

The entire early-morning backwaters feel was the hero! Our Yoga session was fulfilling too and I guess it was rude to ignore my eggs-to-order and fresh pineapple juice any further…

Yo!Ga :))
Will I Sound Like A Wannabe If I Say I Haven’t Had An Unadulterated Pineapple Juice As Creamy As This One? I Don’t Care. IT WAS EXACTLY THAT!
Mornings & Eggs Have Some Soul Connection, I Tell Ya!

Sigh. I kid you not, I am drooling right now as I write it all.

And just an hour after our mesmerizing early-morning moments, there we were ready to say goodbye to our lovely, luxurious float. I had one last glance of it and just knew deep within a lifetime will be less to cherish the short but meaningful relationship I had established with it.

You Were The Best Honey, I Will Miss You 🙁 🙂

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