5 Signs Of A Good Orator Like Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama, for the last time as the First Lady of United States of America, delivered an address to an elite audience present at the White House and to all the Americans.

It was an emotional and intense. speech. Here are the facts that can’t go unnoticed & help one understand the simple ways to be a good orator, somebody who connects at a deeper level than just speaking for the heck of speaking –

Making Everyone At Ease

If you see her at the beginning of her speech, Michelle Obama is all cool and candid. She begins with “Hey! What’s going on?!” – something one would not expect from the First Lady of the United States of America. But that’s how she is. She doesn’t have to put it up to look or sound cool. The audience has A-listers and who’s who of the country but she appears to be treating everyone equal and with respect.

If you have been to various industry events or heard top corporate honchos, they have a similar way to address and look strict in the way they communicate. There’s a pattern that’s followed to deliver a more formal speech.

But there’s a difference between ‘being serious’ and ‘sounding serious’.

Michelle Obama cracked jokes on her way to deliver an address on one of the most serious topics – education and how the presentation to the young generation can change the way it is perceived – and sounded serious enough.

Easy English

Not for once you will feel the need to fetch a dictionary as you hear Michelle Obama’s speech because there’s a usage of simple English. You can understand every word clearly as the aim is to make every human being relate with her message.

There are literature experts, authors, columnists, writers who use complex English as a tool to express the art of knowledge and the command over language. It has a limited reach. It will always be consumed by a certain set of people.

Easy English, or any language used in its simplest form, is for the masses. You can be a master of words but usage of heavy words don’t leave a long-lasting effect.

From-The-Heart Appreciation

When you appreciate someone from your heart, it is received by the heart of the person being appreciated. It is almost like an unsaid rule of the universe. You can’t fake this one!

Michelle Obama thanks officials from education industry and change-makers in her speech not just once but a number of times. She appears to be doing it from her heart. She doesn’t look to be doing a formality as the First Lady. She’s totally involved.

The group of teachers sharing the stage with Obama look kind of lost as she speaks. This can only happen when someone makes strong statements straight from the heart as it holds the solid impact to touch hearts of the listeners.

Real People Real Stories

Michelle Obama makes sure she takes the name of people she has worked closely with. She mentions of ‘Kyra’ whose life was changed by ‘Tyrie’ and read out her words of appreciation for her.

When you include real stories of real people you work closely with and know personally about, your words get empowered to hold your listener’s attention more because then they know you are talking the real deal.

Remember how Narendra Modi takes names of people from across various walks of life and corners of India and make them famous. He indeed makes them famous but he also adds value to his speech and in a way convey that he takes account of everyone reaching out to him.

Now that brings sheer ability to attract the minds of listeners and that too by just being truthful and relatable.

Honesty & Passion

Michelle Obama’s speech is a sign of honesty and passion. Someone who has not worked closely on a mission can never come across real and intense the way she does while speaking about how she and her team have worked to make education ‘cool’. She is passionate and it shows by the end of her speech as she gets emotional.

When someone is real, it shows up in the eyes. When someone has struggled to reach the pinnacle of life, it reflects in the tone of the voice. You will notice a slight shiver in Obama’s voice as she addresses the youth of America and speaks about the days she and Barack Obama fought their way to the top.

You don’t have to use big words to sound serious and real. You only have to be honest and passionate in whatever you do and it pierces through to where it belongs.


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