Animal Lover Anushka Sharma’s Dream Project Is Worth Applauding

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They say, there are no permanent friends or enemies in Politics and Bollywood. Professionals in these industries are often considered closest to chameleon-like mannerisms. And, when a celebrity or a public figure walks the talk, the respect it receives is rare and heartfelt.

The number of Indian celebrities who pose in PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) ads and social media posts is inversely proportionate to the work they do for animals. They are only found on PETA posters and seldom at an animal shelter.

Then there is someone like Anushka Sharma.

She has often been vocal about her love for animals and been the reason why her cricketer-husband Virat Kohli started to involve himself in animal causes.

On her 30th birthday, she has given a testimony of her immense love for animals which will soon turn into a jaw-dropping action.

She is starting an animal shelter in the outskirts of Mumbai, India

The fact that she chose her birthday to make this announcement publicly denotes her truthful commitment to the cause of animals and that she has come to terms with an understanding that her birth is meant to make a difference.

This is what she had to say –

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Here’s hailing Anushka Sharma – the gorgeous wanderer!


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Animal Lover Anushka Sharma’s Dream Project Is Worth Applauding